Bathroom Renovations

Transforming Your Bathroom

Considering giving your bathroom a new lease on life? Whether your space is simply dated or outright dysfunctional, renovating could be the next step for your home. We offer full bathroom renovation service across the wider Tauranga area including Mount Maunganui, Papamoa, Te Puke.

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We here at Premiere Showers will help you restore your bathroom to its former glory, transforming it into a space you adore once more. Our team has the expertise to assist you with anything from replacing your shower to a complete bathroom overhaul.

We offer a complete bathroom renovation service with our specialists available to help you bring your ideas to reality.

We make it simple, you give us the go-ahead, then sit back and relax. We will then get to work and take care of the running rounds and organising of multiple trades. We will then let you know what is happening, and when. When we are finished, your bathroom will be ready to step into – nothing more to be done!

Rest assured that all our tradespeople are experienced and have the right qualifications for their respective field. Remember, all our showers come with a 10-year product & installation guarantee and all other bathware guarantees are as per the manufacturer – we’ll explain those to you upfront.

How to get started?

Simple, visit our showroom on Portside Drive, Mount Maunganui or call our friendly team on 07 5750773 or get in touch at

Our Bathroom Renovation Process

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Step 1:

Briefing / Initial Consultation

Commencing your bathroom renovation project by engaging in a comprehensive consultation enables all parties involved to be on the same page. This is an opportunity for you to divulge all your concepts, regardless of scale. Whether you require a walk-in shower to accommodate elderly parents or an additional tub for bathing your canine companion, feel free to voice your requirements during this initial phase.

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Step 2:

Concept and Feasibility

After discussing your goals, you will be presented with concept designs to evaluate feasibility. You may discover that adjustments are necessary to stay within budget, or perhaps you discover that you can afford luxurious upgrades. This stage of the process provides ample opportunity to make alterations to your bathroom design.

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Step 3:

Costings and Formal Quote

To ensure a smooth process and to avoid any unexpected costs or delays, the costings and formal quote stage is crucial for your renovation project. This pivotal moment allows you to finalise your choices and make any last-minute modifications, as this is the final step before the commencement of your renovation.

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Step 4:

Build / Renovation Stage

At this point, it is time for you to observe the transformation of your bathroom into the dream space you’ve envisioned. One of our skilled employees will skillfully coordinate reliable contractors and trusted tradespeople to execute the project seamlessly. 

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Step 5:

Your Finished Renovation

Congratulations on the completion of your renovation! 

One Stop Shop for Your Next Bathroom Renovation

Premiere Showers is your all-inclusive destination for your upcoming bathroom renovation, providing a wide array of bathroom products and specialising in the manufacture of our top-quality showers and full installation services.

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Full Bathroom Remodel

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Design & Planning

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Bathroom Reconfiguration

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Bathtub & Shower Installation
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Tile and Grout Replacement
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Painting or Wallpaper
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Toilet Installation or Replacement
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Flooring Installation
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Plumbing Fixtures
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Lighting Solutions
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Custom Cabinetry Installation or Replacement
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Bathroom Ventilation
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Accessibility Modifications
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Frameless Glass Showers

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Luxury Bathroom Upgrades

Our Shower & Bathroom Gallery

Explore our extended range of showers each with a variety of styles and finishes to choose from. Our expert team will help you design and install your new shower with the utmost care and attention to detail, ensuring that you find the perfect fit for your bathroom needs. Discover our range of showers today!

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Whether you’re looking for shower screens, a frameless glass shower on tiles, or your very own custom-made shower doors, we

will provide the ideal shower solution to meet your needs.

Looking for a new shower or thinking about a bathroom renovation?

We’d love to help you!

Whether you’re looking for shower screens, a frameless glass shower on tiles, or your very own custom-made shower doors, we will provide the ideal shower solution to meet your needs.